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Red Drum

I went fishing on Saturday with my buddy Josh. We went out to the gulf through Wacasassa.

We had been catching some trout shorts off and on and some type of Jack fish I had never caught before. All around, tortises would pop their heads up before violently splashing back into the water.

It was a hot day with no wind. Josh refuses to put a bimini top on his boat so we just cooked for hours.

Finally we made our way to the Lucky Spot (TM), an unassuming patch of grass Northwest of the river mouth. One fateful day we were out there and there was so much activity we were catching fish on every cast with topwater lures. Although that hasn’t happened ever again, we check that spot every time we go out Wacasassa.

The tide was low and nothing was biting there. I chucked out my lure up tide of an oyster bar and put it in the rod holder while I texted my girlfriend. Josh said I had a bite and I casually put my phone away in the waterproof case, expecting another cat fish.

As soon as I grabbed the rod, it started pulling out line like crazy. Josh got really excited and grabbed the landing net as I brought the best in.

It was a 27″ Red Drum, my new personal record for huge fish.

This is the kind of catch that got me hooked on fishing.

I’m really hoping my marketing push for ChickenPOP makes me some money so I can justify buying myself a boat! Come on people, it’s for a good cause!

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