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I’m still fairly new to the actual video game industry. I spent 8 months making a game but I pretty much ignored the business aspect and culture of things until after launch. I was concerned I would get too caught up in all of that stuff and not actually finish my game.

If you’re in my shoes, I definitely recommend you come up for air and get a taste of what’s out there.

Anyway, as a casual observer, I find myself in good company. There appears to be an endless supply of indie game developers working solo or in small teams on a passion project. I have a very small presence on Twitter and there’s just this endless stream of game promotions. It really makes me feel like a tiny voice in a big crowd.

Looking at the top charts for iOS or Android will show you who the big dogs are. They are the big corporate game teams that are pushing out amazing content that is over-monetized garbage. FAR gone are the days that you could just publish your game and get attention. These games are being advertised all over the place, even on TV.

I had this idea that, perhaps, if some of us passionate indie devs could band together, we could challenge the bigger game companies since we had similar resources. Unfortunately, it would seem, that a lot of people like that idea but nobody wants to do it. I get it, we all want to make our own vision come true. Making someone else’s vision come true is like having a normal job, except this one doesn’t pay until you’re done… and even then you might be shit out of luck.

Anyway, I have a new great idea and I think I’m going to be making one more game. I really need it to make some money this time… cuz ol’ Lucky is going broke.

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